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Fists in Solidarity

We help teams and communities work together to build a healthier, more productive future

A Consulting Relationship for Community and Organizational Resilience

At RÍA Collaboratories, our main goal is to help leaders and communities become resilient at handling complex challenges. RÍA works with teams and communities to help them work better together. We help them come up with effective plans, train them, and make sure complicated projects go smoothly. We truly believe that when people work together, they can create a strong and adaptable community that can overcome challenges and thrive, even in the midst of its most pressing challenges.

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Working Together on Project

Let us help you build a resilient community. Book a consultation with us today.

What are collaboratories?

A collaboratory is more than just a term—it's a powerful concept. It's a dynamic space where innovation flourishes, a vibrant arena where diverse minds and experiences come together to craft innovative solutions for complex challenges.


Think of it as an open stage for co-creation, a bustling hub where people from diverse backgrounds, professions, and perspectives come together to tackle real-world issues. Within this collaborative laboratory, we engage in facilitated experiences to cultivate a collaborative mindset.


Collaboratories are the very places where we facilitate, strategize, train, and orchestrate multifaceted activities and initiatives. This is where we put our ideas into motion. We wholeheartedly believe that collectively, people possess remarkable potential to build resilient communities and organizations capable of adapting to challenges and thriving in the face of adversity.


In essence, collaboratories lie at the core of our mission—a space where teamwork, innovation, and community-building seamlessly blend. They serve as the driving force behind RÍA Collaboratories, and we extend a warm invitation to you to join us in transforming concepts into tangible actions, as we work together to forge more resilient and thriving communities.

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