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Inspiration Behind the Name

The name "RIA Collaboratories" holds a profound significance, rooted in the fusion of two powerful concepts.


"RIA," derived from the Spanish word for "estuary," symbolizes the interconnectedness and vitality of life where diverse elements come together. Just as estuaries are transitional zones where rivers meet the open sea, RIA signifies the bridge between challenges and solutions, and the unification of diverse perspectives for the greater good. Rias throughout the world are the most life abundant and nutrient environments where life thrives.


The term "collaboratory" is equally pivotal. In our context, it describes an open, creative space where a collective of individuals collaboratively explores innovative solutions to complex problems. This concept, originating from the visionary work of a diverse group of professionals, scholars, artists, and activists, embodies the spirit of our mission.


The term "collaboratory" was born from the 50+20 initiative, an endeavor to transform management education. By melding "collaboration" and "laboratory," it encapsulates the essence of a space where people work together to co-create and explore innovative solutions. It's, as aptly defined by Dr. Katrin Muff, "an open space for all stakeholders where action learning and action research join forces, and students, educators, and researchers work with members of all facets of society to address current dilemmas." Just as this concept has been further developed in the book "The Collaboratory: A co-creative stakeholder engagement process for solving complex problems," our mission at RIA Collaboratories is to embody this collaborative, creative spirit.


We invite you to join us in constructing spaces where innovative solutions are born and where collaboration becomes a driving force for positive change. Together, with RIA Collaboratories, we envision creating resilient communities and adaptive organizations, where diverse voices unite to overcome challenges and seize opportunities—just like the rias where life thrives and communities thrive.

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