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About Us

Building Capacity for Resilience

RIA Collaboratories builds capacity for communities and organizations to address their most significant challenges through collaboration. Our vision is to create resilient, thriving communities by fostering trust, collaboration, and shared leadership.

Speed Boats

Our Mission

Our mission is more than a statement; it's our guiding star. We empower communities and organizations to address their most pressing challenges through collaboration.

Rías are spaces where communities thrive and are most productive. A ría is a Spanish term to describe a transition zone where fresh water mixes with salty, ocean water. Rías throughout the world are the most productive environments where life and communities thrive. 

Jovanni Tricerri

Founder & CEO

For nearly three decades, Jovanni has been on a mission to create thriving communities and organizations. He's a dedicated facilitator who brings together diverse circles of community stakeholders to tackle complex challenges, foster collaboration, and implement shared goals.


His work is focused on bringing people together from various backgrounds, industries, and political spectrums to find effective solutions. Whether the challenge is cultural, political, or industry-related, Jovanni has a knack for cultivating collaborative working solutions that drive positive change.


But his journey doesn't stop at the local level. Jovanni has travelled to over 35 countries as a strategic advisor, focusing on issues related to poverty, international relations, leadership development, and peace and reconciliation initiatives. His global perspective enriches his approach to community development and building community resilience.


In the last five years, Jovanni has emerged as a leader in disaster recovery, particularly in the aftermath of the 2018 Camp Fire, the 2020 Bear Fire, and the 2021 Dixie Fire. His work in these wildfire-affected areas has received national, state, and regional recognition. He has been at the forefront of facilitating collaborative movements that have not only rebuilt communities but also sparked hope and resilience.


Jovanni holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA, and a Master of Arts degree in Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. With his extensive experience and unwavering commitment to collaboration, and the resounding impact of his work, he is poised to lead RÍA Collaboratories in its quest to create more resilient and thriving communities.

What are collaboratories?

A collaboratory is more than just a term—it's a powerful concept. It's a dynamic space where innovation flourishes, a vibrant arena where diverse minds and experiences come together to craft innovative solutions for complex challenges.


Think of it as an open stage for co-creation, a bustling hub where people from diverse backgrounds, professions, and perspectives come together to tackle real-world issues. Within this collaborative laboratory, we engage in facilitated experiences to cultivate a collaborative mindset.


Collaboratories are the very places where we facilitate, strategize, train, and orchestrate multifaceted activities and initiatives. This is where we put our ideas into motion. We wholeheartedly believe that collectively, people possess remarkable potential to build resilient communities and organizations capable of adapting to challenges and thriving in the face of adversity.


In essence, collaboratories lie at the core of our mission—a space where teamwork, innovation, and community-building seamlessly blend. They serve as the driving force behind RÍA Collaboratories, and we extend a warm invitation to you to join us in transforming concepts into tangible actions, as we work together to forge more resilient and thriving communities.


Inspiration Behind the Name

The name "RIA Collaboratories" holds a profound significance, rooted in the fusion of two powerful concepts - ría and collaboratory

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